Shani Peters is a multi-disciplinary New York-based artist (b. Lansing, MI). Her work reflects interests in community building, activism histories, and reinterpreted notions of media access and content. Peters completed her B.A. at Michigan State University and her M.F.A. at The City College of NY. She has exhibited/presented work in the US and abroad, at the Schomburg Center for Black Culture and Research, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (OR), Contact Theatre (UK), and at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon (SK). She has completed residencies with MoCADetroit, The Laundromat Project, Project Row Houses, apexart to Seoul S. Korea, LES Printshop, The Center for Book Arts and the Bronx Museum Artist in the Market Place Program. She is currently a Workspace Resident with LMCC in New York.

I am interested in community building, activism histories, reinterpreted models of record keeping and popular media subversion. My perspective is informed by my experiences being born into the “me” generation of the socially conservative 1980s by way of Black Power era parents who live by a mantra of social responsibility. I produce studio work dense with historical research, appropriated material (highly recognizable and commonly overlooked), comedy, and rhythm, to tell new narratives of unseen victory. My public work seeks to share the imaginative rewards I receive from my studio work with communities that I am physically and/or emotionally close to.

-Shani Peters