The Cosby Show + Good Times + The BPP= A collection of works uniting characters from "The Cosby Show" and "Good Times" (both icons of economic extremes within the black community) with members of the Black Panther Party. In one, selected segments of the respective sitcoms are spliced together with contemporary and historical news footage in an installation referencing furnishings from my own families home. In the others the two families are inexplicably united as one. In the ten part, RePROGRAM:episodes 1-10 the sitcom family members and Black Panther Party members interact in “episodes” that loosely relate to the Panthers’ Ten Point Program, which called attention to issues such as healthcare, housing, and police brutality.

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RePROGRAM: CASTe paperdolls, 2010, screen print on paper, 8"x12"

Reagan, The Revolution, and Me, 2007-08

Dinner Party (an introduction),  2007

RePROGRAM:episodes 1-10  (installation shot)

RePROGRAM:episodes 1-10, 2008 (video still)

RePROGRAM:episodes 1-10 (video still)

RePROGRAM:episodes 1-10, 2008 (video still)

RePROGRAM:episodes 1-10, 2008 (video still)

RePROGRAM:episodes 1-10, 2008 (installation shot)

RePROGRAM:episodes 1-10, 2008 'playbill'

RePROGRAM:episodes 1-10, 2008 (playbill)