Umgowa Black Powa!!- Series of works considering the Black Panther Party and the Black Power movement of the 1960's and 70's. One work is formed of 200+ spiraling cutouts of a repeated image of marching rank and file members and reflects on the engaged activism of previous generations and the inaction of today. Another pair of prints, layer an image of uniformed children enrolled in a Black Panther social program over an original photograph of a abandoned public school in West Harlem. The work reflects on presence versus absence, collective memory, and loss. Another piece is composed of black vinyl discs made to resemble oversized records are printed with a velvet flock abstracted image of a Black Panther couple engaged in a loving embrace. The record labels are printed with a short text of my own writing that addresses my feelings of nostalgia and loss for a time when Black Americans were passionately engaged in collective growth, as well as feelings of disappointment and frustration with that era. The text is written in the tone of a love song and a recording of layers of my voice reading these words is played softly near the wall-mounted records.

Moving Mass, 2007  

Moving Mass, 2007 (detail)  

Untitled 1 (mirage), 2008  

Untitled 1 (mirage), 2008  (detail)

Untitled 2 (mirage), 2008  

Untitled 2 (mirage), 2008 (detail)

Love Song to a Bygone Era, 2008  

Love Song to a Bygone Era, 2008 (detail)