from here i saw what happened and i could not understand (aka THE OBAMA SKIRT PROJECT)
On July 19th, 2009, while her 1st black president was in office, Aisha Cousins began wearing African president fabrics every day for one year. The fabrics were printed in Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, South Africa, and Tanzania shortly after Obama’s election. Wearing black presidents on fabric has been popular in many African nations since the 1960′s when they gained independence and started electing black leaders. Aisha asked designers in her neighborhood, many of whom were African immigrants, to turn these fabrics into dresses. She then wore the Obama fabrics here in the US, until her friends and neighbors began to see them as normal. She did this as a metaphor for how people in the US would begin to see having a black president as normal over the year as well.

In 2011 Aisha teamed up with multi-media artist Shani Peters to create a new opportunity for women become Obama Skirt wearers. Through the partnership women have had the opportunity transform any fabric they choose into an Obama Skirt and have even learned to screen print their own Obama Skirts. Aisha and Shani inaugurated "Black Presidents Day" on Presidents Day 2011 and will bring the new holiday back in February, 2012.

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Black President's Day '12 Promo  print and photo by Shani Peters